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Medline by eutils

The basic aspect of the page which opens is to enter some boolean search term according to (boolean phrase A) AND (boolean phrase B) NOT (boolean phrase C), with some simple filters (only reviews/ not reviews) as the most mighty one, because it searches for review-like flagged material, too, to search the actual dataset of Medline at NCBI similar to PubMed. After entering the search terms and pressing the orange button, the page reloads and there is a multitude of pre-formatted links from which the green box has obviously one 'PubMed' and one 'ThisMedlineSystem' link. By php, all links already contain the search phrases. The 'ThisMedlineSystem' link throws a bibliography best printed with IE or Firefox. Papers can be accessed online directly through the CommonLinkoutBox, or by PMID PubMed Identifier Numbers through a loading page at PMID. The CommonLinkoutBox gives the original PubMed linkouts and alternate linkouts by a curated journalbase and on request (needs Java) to some sites known to refer to institutional repositories. Also, the quota of directly-accessible articles is somewhat higher than the free-fulltext flag using an add-on curated journalbase.

Journal and Textbook Publishers databases

Rather than setting-up a simple linklist-of-medical-publishers, I did the same, e.g. funneling search terms into site-specific search engines. Beiig a simple task in case the Publishers systems could parse boolean requests (the best do perform the task), many systems need even translation of the boolean operators into french language or they require search-term oversimplification into 'find phrase' or to run a googlean fuzzy search. The table, using text and color, shows at which lower level resources would be driven.

Medical websites

Many searchable medical websites will be fed with your search terms, too. The whole list opens with a blank search at SuperMedline !

Sample sites accessed by Supermedline

Quite anything could be included on request

Running Supermedline from other applications

Supermedline can be driven by third parties settings; simply add these php parameters:

  • S1 boolean phrase A
  • S2 boolean phrase B (not needed if empty)
  • S3 boolean phrase C (not needed if empty)
  • R=all (dont change)
  • Y0=1500 (PDAT start)
  • Y1=2015 (PDAT most actual)


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