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One-Letter-Journal from PubMed

PubMed Record from a bibliographical Citation

You want to have the PDF from a typical printed citation from a paper's references or from your lecture notes.

Enter some combination of 3 items into the ProfiLine from

  • Journal's 1-Letter abbreviation, max 3 Letters needed (PNA=Proc-Natl-Acad-Sci-U-S-A)
  • VOL
  • Page
  • Year
  • Author without initials, choose one with an uncommon name if possible.

Separate items by space or comma, and press the respective blue button.

A small or long list of journals opens, click the right one to open the ThisPubmedVersion page wich gives the metadata and leads to the CommonLinkoutBox to get the PDF.

Report missing journals to !

The german youtube show of this task {{

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