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Medical Review Collection

The Metatextbook of Medicine is a collection of review articles concerning any aspect of medicine and the life sciences as covered by the PubMed database. The idea is to get highly-efficient into a topic by using immediate-access peer-reviewed review articles.

Method of Compilation

Basically, review articles, editorials and tutorials, i.e. work with educational impact, have been selected from PubMed. Papers which are freely available for immediate free access are tagged to a growing list of about 14.000 concepts ranging from p53 to bulk container-concepts like statistics in medicine. All are shown aplhabetically, and a simple search to identify phrase-related concepts is available,too.


In the first draft, all concepts should have been aggregated like the contents section of a textbook on every discipline of medicine to make them available by logical thinking, not by knowing how I named the tags. The one which works well is the Nephrology Metatextbook, and there is a tabulation of some major topics like imaging/mri/anatomy/embryology/neoplasia ordered by the organs/topographic-regions-affected at Topical Table of Concepts.

A sample Topic of the Metatextbook might read as Neoplasms of the CNS.

The Bibilographic Record

The resulting webpage contains a wealth of different sections:

  • a table of related concepts
  • a bibliography (THIS is the essential thing)
  • some links to german and international guideline servers
  • a linkout to the Muti Site Search = Supermedline(en) application
  • some concept-related wikipedia articles and links to the linguosimilar articles

The Bibiographic Dictionary of Medicine

You will probably understand why I changed the concept title to The Bibiographic Lexicon of Medicine

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