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This table links to the nonspecific topics, e.g. organ(neoplasia) will open a page which contains papers which describe typically more than one organ-specific tumor. This table is complete, now. It starts with the radiology topics; the 3-letters should be understandable; bas means ...(BASKET), an on-topic collection of papers which should not be subclassified because of complexicity of the paper or simplicity of the topic.

A parallel series of linkouts (currently NOT shown/developed) will go into organ-system specific topiclists, within each into a subject-specific major chapter which contains, in the organ(neoplasia) example, any cancer of the given organ. All medical items will be identifiable by this topical tree system.

all bas ima xry ct cta mri mra mrs pet sci son dup eso end bio ect dis pat neo tru tra rpl ana emb
Method /Technique ima xry cta mra mrs pet sci son dup tru ana emb
Spine and spinal cord bas ima ct mri son ect dis neo tru ana emb
Intervertebral disc ect rpl ana
Axis tru
Neck tru ana
Cervical spine ima tru ana
Clavicula tru
Shoulder ima mri son tru rpl
Arm mri mra tru
Radius tru
Elbow ima tru rpl
Hand and wrist ima ct mri mra son dis neo tru rpl ana
Scaphoid tru
Thumb tru
Os sacrum ima neo tru ana
Acetabulum tru
Hip and pelvis ima ct mri end ect tru rpl ana
Leg ima son ect tru ana
Tibia tru
Femur tru
Knee ima mri tru rpl ana
Calcaneus dis tru
Foot and ankle ima ct mri son dis tru
Achilles tendon (BASKET) bas ima
Musculoskeletal syste ima ct mri mrs sci son bio neo tru ana
Bone bas ima ct mri pet sci son bio pat neo tru rpl ana
Cartilage bas ima mri tra ana emb
Synovia bas ect neo
Joints ima xry mri son end bio neo rpl
Tendon bas ima tru
Soft tissues ima mri son neo
Adipose tissue bas neo emb
Muscle ana emb
Skin bas son pat neo ana emb
Hair tra ana
Nails dis
Nervous system bas ima pat neo
Nerve son tru ana
Peripheral nervous sys dis neo
Autonomous nervous sys bas
Sympathetic nervous sy bas ect
CNS ima ct cta mri mra mrs pet son neo tru ana emb
Hypothalamus ana
Hypophysis bas ima ct mri
Pineal gland mri ect neo
Head ima ct mri mra mrs pet son neo tru emb
Skull base neo tru
Eyelid dis neo
Eye and Orbita bas ima ct mri son bio ect dis neo tru tra rpl ana emb
Ear ima ana emb
Mouth tru
Salivary gland bas ima son end ect neo ana emb
Tongue neo ana
Mandibula and Maxilla ima dis ana
Tooth ct ect ana
Mastoid ect
Nose and sinuses ima dis neo
Pharynx tru
Larynx ect neo ana
ORL ENT bas ima ct pet bio tru
Mediastinum ima bio pat
Thorax ima xry ct mri pet son bio neo tru ana
Rib ima ct dis
Lung and Airways bas ima xry ct mri pet sci end bio ect dis pat neo tru tra ana emb
Pleura bas ima bio neo
Diaphragm dis ana
Peritoneum ct mri son dis neo ana
Abdominal Contents ima ct mri pet son bio neo tru ana
Esophagus ima end ect dis neo tru ana
Stomach ima ct end ect neo tru ana emb
Gut / Intestines bas ima ect dis pat neo tru tra rpl ana emb
Small bowel bas ima ct mri son neo tra
Appendix vermiformis neo
Colon and Rectum ima ct mri end ect neo ana
Anus bas son neo ana
Liver bas ima ct cta mri mra mrs sci son bio ect dis neo tru tra rpl ana emb
Pancreas ima ct mri pet son bio ect dis neo tru tra rpl ana emb
Biliary system ima ct mri sci son end bio dis tru ana emb
Portal vein mra dup ana
Retroperitoneum ima neo
Kidney bas ima ct mri mra sci son bio ect pat neo tru tra rpl ana emb
Urinary tract ima ct mri end neo tru
Urethra ana
Ureter bas ana
Urachus dis neo
Urinary bladder ima ect dis tru ana
Prostate bas mri mrs son bio ect neo emb
Epididymis dis neo
Spermatocyte bas
Testis ima son ect dis pat tru rpl ana emb
Penis mri son neo tru ana emb
Prepuce ect
Pelvic contents ima ct mri son bio dis neo
Pelvic floor bas ima mri son ana
Ovary bas ct son dis neo tra rpl ana emb
Ductus oophorus ima
Endometrium bas neo
Uterus ima ct mri son end ect neo tra ana
Placenta bas ima pat ana
Vagina and Vulva ima mri neo
Breast ima ct mri mrs sci son bio dis neo ana emb
Endocrine organs bas ima neo
Thyroid bas ima mri sci son bio ect dis neo ana emb
Parathyroid gland ima mri sci son ect emb
Adrenal gland ima ct mri pet ect dis ana
Aorta / Great Vessels ima cta mra pet dis tru
Blood vessles bas ima ct mri dup neo tru rpl ana
Heart bas ima ct mri mrs pet sci son bio dis neo tru tra rpl ana emb
Heart valves dis rpl ana
Aortic Valve rpl
Mitral valve bas tra rpl
Bone Marrow bas ima bio pat tra
Hemopoiesis bas neo
Platelets bas tra ana
Erythrocytes bas
Lymphocytes bas neo
Plasma cell bas
Leukocytes bas
Monocytes bas
Macrophages bas
Mast cells bas neo
Myeloid dendritic cell bas
Dendritic cell neo
Langerhans cell bas
Myeloid derived suppre bas
Neutrophils bas
Thymus bas ima pet ect pat neo emb
Tonsil ect neo ana
Spleen bas ima ct mri bio ect pat neo tru
Lymphatics ima mri pet sci son bio dis pat rpl ana emb
Epithelium ana emb
Mesenchyme bas
Mesoderm bas
Ectoderm emb
Osteoblasts bas
Osteoclasts bas
Osteocytes bas
Pericytes bas
Podocytes bas
Mesangial cell) bas
Trophoblast bas
Urothelium bas
Schwann cell bas
Pregnancy dis ana
Infection ima pet sci
Prenatal /Fetus mri son
Neoplasia ima mri mra mrs pet sci son bio

Biomarker (BASKET)

Bleeding (BASKET) CNS (Electroencephalography) Heart (Electrocardiography) CNS (ECT) Nerve (Electromyography) Heart (Electrophysiological examination) Heart (Endocarditis) Endosonography Fistula (Intestine) Gastrointestinal hemorrhage CNS (Intracerebral bleeding) Intestines (Failure) Heart failure (BASKET) Inherited diseases (BASKET) Heart (Toxicology) Heart pacemaker (BASKET) Heart (Coronary angiography) Immune system (Development) Intensive medicine (BASKET) CNS (Meningitis carcinomatosa) Colitis (BASKET) Liver (Metastasis) Liver (Toxicology) Lung (Metastasis) Lymph node (BASKET) Neuron (Development) Rheumatology (BASKET) Adrenal gland (Metastasis) Mammary gland (Metastasis) Eye (Metastasis) Head (Metastasis) Heart (Metastasis) Lymph node (Metastasis and sentinel) ORL (Metastasis) Ovary (Metastasis) Pancreas (Metastasis) Peritoneum (Carcinomatosis) Skin (Metastasis) Soft tissues (Metastasis)

Spine and Spinal cord (Metastasis) Thyroid (Metastasis) Transfusion (BASKET) ORL (Ototoxicity) Kidney (Toxicology) Nerve (Electroneurogram) Teratogenesis Prenatal therapy Neuroophthalmology (BASKET) CNS (Metastasis) LE.. Dobutamin LE.. Rezeptor (Alpha Amino 3 Hydroxy 5 Methyl 4 LE.. Schulter Koerperliche Untersuchung) Isoxazolepropionic Acid) Toxicology (BASKET) Limb (Traumatology) Os temporale (Traumatology) Condylus (Traumatology) Hypothalamus (Neoplasia) Hypophysis (Metastasis) Peripheral nervous system (Metastasis) Sternum (MRT) Sternum (Imaging) Canalis inguinalis (Anatomy) Cranial nerves (MRT) Vasculitis (Imaging) Vena cava (Malformation) Spiral CT (Method) Joint (MRT Arthrography) Vena cava (Anatomy) Vena cava (Diseases) Vena cava (Imaging) Platelets (Scintigraphy) Mesenterium (Neoplasia) Thoracic inlet veins (Sonography) Arteria carotis (Sonography) Branchial arches (Malformation) Muller duct (Malformation) ORL (Retropharyngeal space) Sinus cavernosus (Imaging) Seminal vesicles CNS (Angiography) Sternoclavicular joint Lung (Toxicology) Skin (Toxicology) Tooth (Toxicology) Bone marrow (Toxicology) Nervous system (Toxicology) Whole body (MRT) Whole body (CT) Oocyte (BASKET) Veins (Malformation) Sacroiliac joint (Aantomy) Circulation (Anatomy) Circulation (Development) Epididymis (Anatomy) Limb (Malformation) Limb (Transplantation) Islet transplantation Sertoli cell

Leydig cell Gynecology (BASKET) Obstetrics (BASKET) Orthopedics (BASKET) Anatomy (BASKET) Gerontology (BASKET) Rehabilitation (BASKET) Urology Merkel cells Bone (Endoprosthesis) Ear (Ototoxicity) Eye (Toxicology) Tooth (Odontoblast) Tooth (Ameloblast) Arteria carotis (Traumatology) Buttocks (Traumatology) Cranial nerves (all) Uterus (Trachelectomy) Wolffian ducts (Development) {{

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