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Deutsches Webverzeichnis

{{          800 free nephrology papers and reviews from pubmedcentral pmcentral monthly nierenzeiger Ossip Groth


Medline & more

Search PubMed and the main publisher's sites with this php application.

This is the Mtbhelp:Metatextbook_Help_Page#Medline_.26_More_System to learn how it is designed to run.

Metatextbook 86.000 Reviews collection

Free-to-download medical review articles tagged to 13.000 concepts and interconnected for high-efficiency learning tasks.

This is the Mtbhelp:Metatextbook_Help_Page#Metatextbook_and_Medline.26more_-_passive_and_active_ways_to_scientific_knowlegde to learn how it is designed to run.

Fibrosis Database

The monthly bibliographies on Fibrosis and related areas in Organc Disease, Neoplasia and Regenerative Medicine can be accessed here.

Some Papers will be extracted and the evidence will be shown in a wikipedia style system of topical articles giving arguments and citations. This page is the entry site to look into the topics covered. The page is an outline, and topics are included at the time their individual articles were written. The individual articles will contain pre-formatted search term expressions, which can be a) funneled to PubMed b) funneled to my SiteSearch application to search many other resources and many publisher sites c) copypasted to be used in user-enhanced complex search term expressions.


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