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Get your paper by PMID

A simple input box

You will enter one or more PMID numbers. Onclick, java opens a CommonLinkoutBox each.


The CLB gives a lot of links which should lead you to your paper's -PDF:

  • 70% will be done by the pubmed-scratched links at PDF level.
  • 10% will be done by the curated database links into the journals archive page (best: copypaste the papers title into their searchbox)
  • 10% in Germany: will be accessed by Deutsche Nationallizenz Privatpersonen by curated journalbase
  • 3% will be done by a search of institutional repositories
  • 3% sometimes, german helps to locate a Journals Archive Page
  • 3% there is a reprint request form by email, if supplied...
  • 1% remains at deepdyve, e.g.

100% is far from ideal, sure it is, and honey is around. {{

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