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  • Gene expression profiling of corona virus microarray datasets to identify crucial targets in COVID-19 patients #MMPMID33263093
  • Ramesh P; Veerappapillai S; Karuppasamy R
  • Gene Rep 2021[Mar]; 22 (ä): 100980 PMID33263093show ga
  • The current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has been affecting millions of people and has caused devastating mortality worldwide. Moreover, it is to be noted that cytokine storm has become an important cause for the rising mortality. However, the efforts for the development of drugs, vaccines and treatment has also been intervened due to poor understanding of host's defense mechanism and also due to the development of cytokine storm against this viral infection. Thus, a deeper understanding of the mechanism behind the immune dysregulation and cytokine storm development might give us clues for the clinical management of the severe cases. Hence, we have implemented differential gene expression analysis together with protein-protein interaction and Gene Ontology (GO) studies with the help of Severe Acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) data sets such as GSE1739 and GSE33267 to give us more knowledge on the host immune response for the pathogenic coronavirus which in turn reduces the mortality. A total of 79 differentially-expressed genes (DEGs) were identified in our data set using the filters such as P-value and log2 fold change values of less than 0.05 and 1.5 respectively. Further, network analysis and GO studies showed that differential expression of two hub genes namely ELANE and LTF which could induce higher levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the lungs. We are certain that differential expression of ELANE and LTF results in an excessive inflammatory reaction known as the cytokine storm and ultimately leading to death. Therefore, targeting these key drivers of cytokine storm genes appears to be the potential therapeutic targets for combating the Severe Acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus - 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection ultimately resulting in reduced mortality. Indeed, this predictive view may open new insights for designing an immune intervention for COVID-19 in the near future resulting in the mitigation of mortality rate.
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