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Nephrology Journals

Aus nephropedia
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see also ' Auswahlbibliographie der deutschsprachigen Nierenzeitschriften

This page contains the Journals with more than stochastic impact in the Nierenzeiger Collection in the subject areas Nephrology, Hypertension, Diabetes, Rheumatology and Transplantation as reflected therein.

Linkouts will go into the general purpose PubMed S&R system ossiPubmed at [1]. Try NCBI PubMed button in the green area below the orange bar, there, for immediate data, then the SuperMedline button to learn what I have implemented.

Items which appear in the 2014 /01 until 2014 /04 Nierenzeiger Issues to consider are:

Remember, Nierenzeiger includes Articles identified by 2014/02 [pmclivedate], not by a systematic scan of individual topic-related Journals.

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