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  • Advances in understanding and treating ADHD
  • Antshel KM; Hargrave TM; Simonescu M; Kaul P; Hendricks K; Faraone SV
  • BMC Med 2011[Jun]; 9 (): 72
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurocognitive behavioral developmental disorder most commonly seen in childhood and adolescence, which often extends to the adult years. Relative to a decade ago, there has been extensive research into understanding the factors underlying ADHD, leading to far more treatment options available for both adolescents and adults with this disorder. Novel stimulant formulations have made it possible to tailor treatment to the duration of efficacy required by patients, and to help mitigate the potential for abuse, misuse and diversion. Several new non-stimulant options have also emerged in the past few years. Among these, cognitive behavioral interventions have proven popular in the treatment of adult ADHD, especially within the adult population who cannot or will not use medications, along with the many medication-treated patients who continue to show residual disability.
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  • *{{pmid21658285}}
    *<b>[ Advances in understanding and treating ADHD ]</b> BMC Med 2011; 9() ; 72 Antshel KM; Hargrave TM; Simonescu M; Kaul P; Hendricks K; Faraone SV


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    BMC Med

    72 .9 2011