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  • Are cancer stem cells radioresistant?
  • Hittelman WN; Liao Y; Wang L; Milas L
  • Future Oncol 2010[Oct]; 6 (10): 1563-76
  • Based on findings that cancer cell clonogens exhibit stem cell features, it has been suggested that cancer stem-like cells are relatively radioresistant owing to different intrinsic and extrinsic factors, including quiescence, activated radiation response mechanisms (e.g., enhanced DNA repair, upregulated cell cycle control mechanisms and increased free-radical scavengers) and a surrounding microenvironment that enhances cell survival mechanisms (e.g., hypoxia and interaction with stromal elements). However, these radiosensitivity features are probably dynamic in nature and come into play at different times during the course of chemo/radiotherapy. Therefore, different molecularly targeted radiosensitization strategies may be needed at different stages of therapy. This article describes potential sensitization approaches based on the dynamics and changing properties of cancer stem-like cells during therapy.
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  • *{{pmid21062156}}
    *<b>[ Are cancer stem cells radioresistant?]</b> Future Oncol 2010; 6(10) ; 1563-76 Hittelman WN; Liao Y; Wang L; Milas L


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