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  • The thymus and the immune system: layered levels of control
  • Lee DK; Hakim FT; Gress RE
  • J Thorac Oncol 2010[Oct]; 5 (10 Suppl 4): S273-6
  • Control points of normal thymopoiesis may provide insights into strategies for interrupting cell interactions in thymomas which appear to maintain active T cell production. Thymus production of T cells represents one of two pathways by which peripheral T cell populations are maintained or, if lost, regenerated. The production of T cells by the thymus results from a series of thymus epithelial cell (TEC) - thymocyte interactions from entry of thymocyte precursors into the thymus to release of mature naive single positive T cells into the periphery. Within this series of interactions, certain control points have been identified, all of which act through TEC to modulate thymopoiesis.
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    *<b>[ The thymus and the immune system: layered levels of control ]</b> J Thorac Oncol 2010; 5(10 Suppl 4) ; S273-6 Lee DK; Hakim FT; Gress RE


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    J Thorac Oncol

    S273 10 Suppl 4.5 2010