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  • Eliciting the T cell fate with Notch
  • Sultana DA; Bell JJ; Zlotoff DA; De Obaldia ME; Bhandoola A
  • Semin Immunol 2010[Oct]; 22 (5): 254-60
  • Multipotent progenitors arrive at the thymus via the blood. Constraining the non-T cell fates of these progenitors while promoting the T cell fate is a major task of the thymus. Notch appears to be the initial trigger for a developmental program that eventually results in T cell lineage commitment. Several downstream targets of Notch are known, but the specific roles of each are poorly understood. A greater understanding of how Notch and other thymic signals direct progenitors to a T cell fate could be useful for translational work. For example, such work could eventually allow for the generation of fully competent T cells in vitro that could supplement the waning T cell numbers and function in the elderly and boost T cell-mediated immunity in patients with immunodeficiency and after stem cell transplantation.
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    *<b>[ Eliciting the T cell fate with Notch ]</b> Semin Immunol 2010; 22(5) ; 254-60 Sultana DA; Bell JJ; Zlotoff DA; De Obaldia ME; Bhandoola A


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    Semin Immunol

    254 5.22 2010