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  • Control of Th2-mediated inflammation by regulatory T cells
  • Venuprasad K; Kong YC; Farrar MA
  • Am J Pathol 2010[Aug]; 177 (2): 525-31
  • Allergic diseases and asthma are caused by dysregulated Th2-type immune responses, which drive disease development in susceptible individuals. Immune tolerance to allergens prevents inflammatory symptoms in the respiratory mucosa and provides protection against inflammation in the airways. Increasing evidence indicates that Foxp3+ regulatory T cells (Tregs) play a critical role in immune tolerance and control Th2-biased responses. Tregs develop in the thymus from CD4(+) T cells (natural Tregs) and also in the periphery by the conversion of naive CD4(+) T cells (induced Tregs). Increased susceptibility to allergy and airway inflammation is hypothesized to result from impaired development and function of Tregs. Thus, strategies to induce allergen-specific Tregs hold great promise for treatment and prevention of asthma.
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    *<b>[ Control of Th2-mediated inflammation by regulatory T cells ]</b> Am J Pathol 2010; 177(2) ; 525-31 Venuprasad K; Kong YC; Farrar MA


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    Am J Pathol

    525 2.177 2010