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  • Aneurysms--from traumatology to screening
  • Bergqvist D
  • Ups J Med Sci 2010[May]; 115 (2): 81-7
  • This paper deals with aneurysmal disease, primarily when localized in the abdominal aorta. It is based on the Olof Rudbeck lecture 2009. Aneurysm is a localized widening of an artery, and its definition has become an important issue today when the disease is in focus for screening programmes. Aetiology and pathogenesis are still poorly understood, but a genetic component determining the strength of the aortic wall is important, and there is a strong male dominance. Historically, several attempts have been made to treat the disease, but reconstructive treatment has been possible only since 1951, in an increasing number of cases performed endovascularly. By early detection through screening, and thereby the possibility to treat before rupture, it has now become possible to decrease the total mortality from the disease in the population.
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    *<b>[ Aneurysms--from traumatology to screening ]</b> Ups J Med Sci 2010; 115(2) ; 81-7 Bergqvist D


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    Ups J Med Sci

    81 2.115 2010