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  • Molecular genetics of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Faraone SV; Mick E
  • Psychiatr Clin North Am 2010[Mar]; 33 (1): 159-80
  • Although twin studies demonstrate that ADHD is a highly heritable condition, molecular genetic studies suggest that the genetic architecture of ADHD is complex. The handful of genome-wide linkage and association scans that have been conducted thus far show divergent findings and are, therefore, not conclusive. Similarly, many of the candidate genes reviewed here (ie, DBH, MAOA, SLC6A2, TPH-2, SLC6A4, CHRNA4, GRIN2A) are theoretically compelling from neurobiological systems perspective but available data are sparse and inconsistent. However, candidate gene studies of ADHD have produced substantial evidence implicating several genes in the etiology of the disorder, with meta-analyses supportive of a role of the genes coding for DRD4, DRD5, SLC6A3, SNAP-25, and HTR1B in the etiology of ADHD.
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    *<b>[ Molecular genetics of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ]</b> Psychiatr Clin North Am 2010; 33(1) ; 159-80 Faraone SV; Mick E


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    159 1.33 2010