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  • Pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and clinical profile of novel antiplatelet drugs targeting vascular diseases
  • Siller-Matula JM; Krumphuber J; Jilma B
  • Br J Pharmacol 2010[Feb]; 159 (3): 502-17
  • Platelet inhibitors are the mainstay treatment for patients with vascular diseases. The current 'gold standard' antiplatelet agent clopidogrel has several pharmacological and clinical limitations that have prompted the search for more effective platelet antagonists. The candidates include various blockers of the purinergic P2Y12 receptor such as prasugrel, an oral irreversible thienopyridine; two adenosine triphosphate analogues that bind reversibly to the P2Y12 receptor: ticagrelor (oral) and cangrelor (intravenous); elinogrel, a direct-acting reversible P2Y12 receptor inhibitor (the only antiplatelet compound that can be administered both intravenously and orally); BX 667, an orally active and reversible small-molecule P2Y12 receptor antagonist; SCH 530348, SCH 205831, SCH 602539 and E5555, highly selective and orally active antagonists on the protease-activated receptor 1. A number of drugs also hit new targets: terutroban, an oral, selective and specific inhibitor of the thromboxane receptor; ARC1779, a second-generation, nuclease resistant aptamer which inhibits von Willebrand factor-dependent platelet aggregation; ALX-0081, a bivalent humanized nanobody targeting the GPIb binding site of von Willebrand factor and AJW200, an IgG4 monoclonal antibody of von Willebrand factor. The pharmacology and clinical profiles of new platelet antagonists indicate that they provide more consistent, more rapid and more potent platelet inhibition than agents currently used. Whether these potential advantages will translate into clinical advantages will require additional comparisons in properly powered, randomized, controlled trials.
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    *<b>[ Pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and clinical profile of novel antiplatelet drugs targeting vascular diseases ]</b> Br J Pharmacol 2010; 159(3) ; 502-17 Siller-Matula JM; Krumphuber J; Jilma B


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    Br J Pharmacol

    502 3.159 2010