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  • Forensic issues in the assessment of sexually assaulted adolescents
  • Niec A
  • Paediatr Child Health 2002[Mar]; 7 (3): 153-9
  • This article provides a general overview of the principles of conducting a forensic evaluation of adolescents who have been exposed to sexual abuse. This problem is common and is associated with a large burden of suffering. There is a strong likelihood that most paediatricians will be called on to perform such evaluations at some point in time. This overview includes a description of the forensic examination, focuses on such issues as consent and contact with child protection services, and provides specific guidelines about interviewing the adolescent. Familiarity with how to conduct a forensic evaluation will hopefully improve the availability of this service for adolescents. Contact with the legal profession can be stressful. At the same time, paediatricians are in a unique position to advocate on behalf of their adolescent patients.
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    *<b>[ Forensic issues in the assessment of sexually assaulted adolescents ]</b> Paediatr Child Health 2002; 7(3) ; 153-9 Niec A


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