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  • Wnt modulators in the biotech pipeline
  • Rey JP; Ellies DL
  • Dev Dyn 2010[Jan]; 239 (1): 102-14
  • The purpose of this review is to provide a better understanding for the LRP co-receptor-mediated Wnt pathway signaling. Using proteomics, we have also subdivided the LRP receptor family into six sub-families, encompassing the twelve family members. This review includes a discussion of proteins containing a cystine-knot protein motif (i.e., Sclerostin, Dan, Sostdc1, Vwf, Norrin, Pdgf, Mucin) and discusses how this motif plays a role in mediating Wnt signaling through interactions with LRP.
  • |*Models, Molecular[MESH]
  • |Amino Acid Sequence[MESH]
  • |Biotechnology/*trends[MESH]
  • |Cystine Knot Motifs/genetics/*physiology[MESH]
  • |LDL-Receptor Related Proteins/*chemistry/classification/metabolism[MESH]
  • |Ligands[MESH]
  • |Molecular Sequence Data[MESH]
  • |Proteomics[MESH]
  • |Signal Transduction/*physiology[MESH]
  • |Wnt Proteins/*metabolism[MESH]

  • *{{pmid20014100}}
    *<b>[ Wnt modulators in the biotech pipeline ]</b> Dev Dyn 2010; 239(1) ; 102-14 Rey JP; Ellies DL


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    102 1.239 2010