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  • (micro)Genomic medicine: microRNAs as therapeutics and biomarkers
  • Saunders MA; Lim LP
  • RNA Biol 2009[Jul]; 6 (3): 324-8
  • Genomic studies have shown that a microRNA(miRNA) can post-transcriptionally regulate hundreds of other genes, providing challenges and opportunities for therapeutic development. Profiling studies have placed several miRNAs within transcriptional pathways linked to disease, and oligonucleotide therapeutics are being developed that modulate miRNA activity. The involvement of miRNAs in diverse genetic pathways across human tissues suggests that miRNAs will also be useful as biomarkers for disease and tissue injury.
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    *<b>[ (micro)Genomic medicine: microRNAs as therapeutics and biomarkers ]</b> RNA Biol 2009; 6(3) ; 324-8 Saunders MA; Lim LP


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    RNA Biol

    324 3.6 2009