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  • Natural and adaptive foxp3+ regulatory T cells: more of the same or a division of labor?
  • Curotto de Lafaille MA; Lafaille JJ
  • Immunity 2009[May]; 30 (5): 626-35
  • Adaptive Foxp3(+)CD4(+) regulatory T (iTreg) cells develop outside the thymus under subimmunogenic antigen presentation, during chronic inflammation, and during normal homeostasis of the gut. iTreg cells are essential in mucosal immune tolerance and in the control of severe chronic allergic inflammation, and most likely are one of the main barriers to the eradication of tumors. The Foxp3(+) iTreg cell repertoire is drawn from naive conventional CD4(+) T cells, whereas natural Treg (nTreg) cells are selected by high-avidity interactions in the thymus. The full extent of differences and similarities between iTreg and nTreg cells is yet to be defined. We speculate that iTreg cell development is driven by the need to maintain a noninflammatory environment in the gut, to suppress immune responses to environmental and food allergens, and to decrease chronic inflammation, whereas nTreg cells prevent autoimmunity and raise the activation threshold for all immune responses.
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    *<b>[ Natural and adaptive foxp3+ regulatory T cells: more of the same or a division of labor?]</b> Immunity 2009; 30(5) ; 626-35 Curotto de Lafaille MA; Lafaille JJ


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