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  • Expression profiling of microRNAs by deep sequencing
  • Creighton CJ; Reid JG; Gunaratne PH
  • Brief Bioinform 2009[Sep]; 10 (5): 490-7
  • MicroRNAs are short non-coding RNAs that regulate the stability and translation of mRNAs. Profiling experiments, using microarray or deep sequencing technology, have identified microRNAs that are preferentially expressed in certain tissues, specific stages of development, or disease states such as cancer. Deep sequencing utilizes massively parallel sequencing, generating millions of small RNA sequence reads from a given sample. Profiling of microRNAs by deep sequencing measures absolute abundance and allows for the discovery of novel microRNAs that have eluded previous cloning and standard sequencing efforts. Public databases provide in silico predictions of microRNA gene targets by various algorithms. To better determine which of these predictions represent true positives, microRNA expression data can be integrated with gene expression data to identify putative microRNA:mRNA functional pairs. Here we discuss tools and methodologies for the analysis of microRNA expression data from deep sequencing.
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  • *{{pmid19332473}}
    *<b>[ Expression profiling of microRNAs by deep sequencing ]</b> Brief Bioinform 2009; 10(5) ; 490-7 Creighton CJ; Reid JG; Gunaratne PH


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    Brief Bioinform

    490 5.10 2009