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  • Dendritic cells as controllers of antigen-specific Foxp3+ regulatory T cells
  • Yamazaki S; Steinman RM
  • J Dermatol Sci 2009[May]; 54 (2): 69-75
  • Regulatory T cells (Treg) are a subpopulation of CD4(+) lymphocytes that maintain immunological self-tolerance in the periphery. Treg also regulate or suppress other classes of immune response such as allograft rejection, allergy, tumor immunity, and responses to microbes. Treg express the Foxp3 transcription factor and CD25, the high affinity interleukin-2 receptor (IL-2R). Treg are divided into two types: naturally occurring Treg derived from thymus (natural Treg) and Treg induced from Foxp3(-) CD4(+) T cells in the periphery (induced Treg). It would be valuable to understand how to control the generation of antigen-specific Treg, which could also provide a new approach to treat autoimmunity, allergy or allograft rejection without suppressing immune responses to tumor and microbes. In this review, we will discuss the role of dendritic cells (DCs) in controlling antigen-specific natural Treg and induced Treg. Natural Treg are anergic upon T cell receptor stimulation generally, however, we found that the antigen-specific natural Treg can be expanded by antigen-presenting mature bone marrow-derived dendritic cells (BM-DCs). Furthermore, recent studies showed that antigen-specific Treg can be induced from Foxp3(-) CD25(-) CD4(+) T cells by antigen-presenting DCs, particularly select subsets of DCs in the periphery. These findings need to be pursued to develop novel immune suppressive therapies using antigen-specific Treg educated by DCs.
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  • *{{pmid19286352}}
    *<b>[ Dendritic cells as controllers of antigen-specific Foxp3+ regulatory T cells ]</b> J Dermatol Sci 2009; 54(2) ; 69-75 Yamazaki S; Steinman RM


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    J Dermatol Sci

    69 2.54 2009