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  • Angiogenic laminin-derived peptides stimulate wound healing
  • Malinda KM; Wysocki AB; Koblinski JE; Kleinman HK; Ponce ML
  • Int J Biochem Cell Biol 2008[]; 40 (12): 2771-80
  • Acceleration of the wound healing process by using angiogenic peptides has been demonstrated previously. Here we used select laminin-111 peptides, A13 and C16, from the laminin alpha1 and gamma1 chain, respectively, to test whether they are able to stimulate wound healing in a rat full thickness wound model. The 12-mer peptides C16 and A13 are highly angiogenic and bind to integrins alphavbeta3 and alpha5beta1. We show that A13 increases wound re-epithelialization as much as 17% over controls by day 4 and C16 increases coverage by 11%. Contraction of the treated wounds was increased as much as 11% for A13 and 8% for C16 at day 4. No differences were observed at day 7 with either peptide. The peptides also stimulated fibroblast migration in Boyden chamber assays. A13 increased cell migration as much as 2.4-fold on uncoated filters and as much as 16-fold on collagen type IV-coated filters over negative controls. Similarly, C16 also stimulated migration 1.8-fold on uncoated filters and as much as 12-fold on collagen-coated filters. A13 and C16 significantly decreased expression of the pro and active forms of matrix metalloproteinase 2 in foreskin fibroblasts indicating their role in collagen accumulation. We conclude that small bioactive angiogenic peptides can promote dermal wound healing and may offer a new class of stable and chemically manipulable therapeutics for wound healing.
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  • *{{pmid18603014}}
    *<b>[ Angiogenic laminin-derived peptides stimulate wound healing ]</b> Int J Biochem Cell Biol 2008; 40(12) ; 2771-80 Malinda KM; Wysocki AB; Koblinski JE; Kleinman HK; Ponce ML


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    Int J Biochem Cell Biol

    2771 12.40 2008