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  • Manipulation of MHC-I/TCR interaction for immune therapy
  • Liu QJ; Gao B
  • Cell Mol Immunol 2008[Jun]; 5 (3): 171-82
  • Adoptive immunotherapy involving the transfer of autologous tumor or virus-reactive T lymphocytes has been demonstrated to be effective in the eradication of cancer and virally infected cells. Identification of MHC-restricted antigens and progress in generation of adaptive immune responses have provided new direction for such treatment for severe pathologies such as cancer and autoimmune diseases. Here we review the latest development about the molecular basis of MHC-I/TCR interaction, and its manipulation including enhanced MHC-I expression, modification of peptide and engineered TCR for clinical applications such as vaccine design, tumor therapy and autoimmune diseases.
  • |*Immunotherapy, Adoptive[MESH]
  • |Animals[MESH]
  • |Antigen Presentation[MESH]
  • |Autoimmune Diseases/immunology/*therapy[MESH]
  • |CD3 Complex/immunology/metabolism[MESH]
  • |CD8 Antigens/immunology/metabolism[MESH]
  • |Cancer Vaccines/immunology[MESH]
  • |Cytokines/immunology/*metabolism[MESH]
  • |Histocompatibility Antigens Class I/immunology/*metabolism[MESH]
  • |Humans[MESH]
  • |Neoplasms/immunology/*therapy[MESH]
  • |Protein Binding/immunology[MESH]
  • |Receptors, Antigen, T-Cell/immunology/*metabolism[MESH]

  • *{{pmid18582398}}
    *<b>[ Manipulation of MHC-I/TCR interaction for immune therapy ]</b> Cell Mol Immunol 2008; 5(3) ; 171-82 Liu QJ; Gao B


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    Cell Mol Immunol

    171 3.5 2008