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  • NO-donating NSAIDs and cancer: an overview with a note on whether NO is required for their action
  • Rigas B; Williams JL
  • Nitric Oxide 2008[Sep]; 19 (2): 199-204
  • Nitric oxide-donating nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NO-NSAIDs) consist of a conventional NSAID to which an NO-releasing moiety is attached covalently, often via a spacer molecule. NO-NSAIDs represent an emerging class of compounds with chemopreventive properties against a variety of cancers, demonstrated in preclinical models including cell culture systems and animal tumor models; their potential efficacy in humans has not been assessed. Their mechanism of action appears complex and involves the generation of reactive oxygen species, suppression of microsatellite instability in mismatch repair-deficient cells, and modulation of several signaling cascades that culminate in inhibited cell renewal and enhanced apoptosis. NO, long appreciated to be able to protect from and also promote cancer, is released form NO-NSAIDs and constitutes their defining property. Existing data are consistent with the notion that NO may mediate their anticancer effect. In addition there is evidence that long-term administration of NO-donating compounds is not associated with increased incidence of colon cancer. Whether NO release is required for the anticancer effect of NO-NSAIDs has being questioned by recent data indicating that, at least in the case of NO-aspirin, the NO-releasing moiety may serve as a leaving group while the spacer actually being the moiety responsible for its pharmacological action. Regardless of mechanistic issues, these compounds promise to contribute to the control of cancer.
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    *<b>[ NO-donating NSAIDs and cancer: an overview with a note on whether NO is required for their action ]</b> Nitric Oxide 2008; 19(2) ; 199-204 Rigas B; Williams JL


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