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  • Neuropeptide Y Y2 receptor in health and disease
  • Parker SL; Balasubramaniam A
  • Br J Pharmacol 2008[Feb]; 153 (3): 420-31
  • We briefly survey the current knowledge and concepts regarding structure and function of the neuropeptide Y Y2 receptor and its agonists, especially as related to pharmacology of the receptor and its roles in pathological processes. Specific structural features are considered that could be responsible for the known compartmentalization and participation of the receptor in cell and tissue organization. This is further discussed in relation to changes of levels of the Y2 receptor in pathological conditions (especially in epilepsy and drug abuse), to endocytosis and recycling, and to participation in wound healing, retinopathy and angiogenesis. Properties of the receptor and of Y2 agonists are considered and reviewed in connection to the negative regulation of transmitter release, feeding, mood and social behavior. The possible involvement of the Y2 receptor in diabetes, carcinogenesis and bone formation is also reviewed.
  • |Animals[MESH]
  • |Endocytosis/physiology[MESH]
  • |Epilepsy/drug therapy/physiopathology[MESH]
  • |Feeding Behavior/physiology[MESH]
  • |Humans[MESH]
  • |Neovascularization, Physiologic/physiology[MESH]
  • |Receptors, Neuropeptide Y/*agonists/*metabolism[MESH]
  • |Substance-Related Disorders/physiopathology[MESH]
  • |Wound Healing/physiology[MESH]

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    *<b>[ Neuropeptide Y Y2 receptor in health and disease ]</b> Br J Pharmacol 2008; 153(3) ; 420-31 Parker SL; Balasubramaniam A


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    Br J Pharmacol

    420 3.153 2008