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  • Actin regulation in endocytosis
  • Smythe E; Ayscough KR
  • J Cell Sci 2006[Nov]; 119 (Pt 22): 4589-98
  • Increasing evidence from a variety of cell types has highlighted the importance of the actin cytoskeleton during endocytosis. No longer is actin viewed as a passive barrier that must be removed to allow endocytosis to proceed. Rather, actin structures are dynamically organised to assist the remodelling of the cell surface to allow inward movement of vesicles. The majority of our mechanistic insight into the role of actin in endocytosis has come from studies in budding yeast. Although endocytosis in mammalian cells is clearly more complex and subject to a greater array of regulatory signals, recent advances have revealed actin, and actin-regulatory proteins, to be present at endocytic sites. Furthermore, live cell imaging indicates that spatiotemporal aspects of actin recruitment and vesicle formation are likely to be conserved across eukaryotic evolution.
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    *<b>[ Actin regulation in endocytosis ]</b> J Cell Sci 2006; 119(Pt 22) ; 4589-98 Smythe E; Ayscough KR


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    J Cell Sci

    4589 Pt 22.119 2006