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  • Understanding the consequences of transfusion-related acute lung injury
  • Shander A; Popovsky MA
  • Chest 2005[Nov]; 128 (5 Suppl 2): 598S-604S
  • Although the blood supply has become safer with regard to transmission of infectious agents, attention should continue to focus on understanding and eliminating the other serious risks associated with transfusion. Transfusion-related acute lung injury (TRALI) is one such risk, only recently becoming recognized as an important and potentially preventable clinical syndrome. Strategies for prevention of TRALI, however, must rely on knowledge regarding its etiology and diagnosis, and significant gaps in our understanding of the syndrome currently exist. This review summarizes what is known and unknown about the incidence, severity, etiology, diagnosis, and prevention of TRALI and the potential consequences of these knowledge gaps.
  • |*Transfusion Reaction[MESH]
  • |Humans[MESH]
  • |Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Adult/diagnosis/etiology/*physiopathology/prevention & control/therapy[MESH]
  • |Syndrome[MESH]

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    *<b>[ Understanding the consequences of transfusion-related acute lung injury ]</b> Chest 2005; 128(5 Suppl 2) ; 598S-604S Shander A; Popovsky MA


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