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  • The fourth way? Harnessing aggressive tendencies in the thymus
  • Baldwin TA; Hogquist KA; Jameson SC
  • J Immunol 2004[Dec]; 173 (11): 6515-20
  • During late stages of thymic development, T cells must chose between different fates, dictated by their TCR specificity. Typically, this is thought of as a choice between three alternatives (being positive selection for useful T cells vs negative selection or neglect for harmful or useless T cells). However, there is growing evidence for a fourth alternative, in which T cells are positively selected by agonist ligands, which would normally be expected to induce T cell deletion. In this review, we will discuss where and when agonist selection is induced and whether this should be considered as a novel form of thymic selection or as an alternative differentiation state for Ag-exposed T cells.
  • |Cell Differentiation/immunology[MESH]
  • |Receptors, Antigen, T-Cell, alpha-beta/*agonists/physiology[MESH]
  • |T-Lymphocyte Subsets/*cytology/immunology/*metabolism[MESH]
  • |Thymus Gland/*cytology/immunology/*metabolism[MESH]

  • *{{pmid15557139}}
    *<b>[ The fourth way? Harnessing aggressive tendencies in the thymus ]</b> J Immunol 2004; 173(11) ; 6515-20 Baldwin TA; Hogquist KA; Jameson SC


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    J Immunol

    6515 11.173 2004