Bapineuzumab ttAmyloidBeta11912Bapineuzumab ttAmyloidBeta

81C6 ttTenascin

Abatacept ttCTLA4Conjugate

Abciximab ttGPIIAIIIB

Adalimumab ttTNFalpha


Alemtuzumab ttCD52

Alzheimer s disease

AMG386 ttAngiopoietin1 ttAngiopoietin2

Antibodies (therapeutic use)

Atacicept ttBlys ttAPRIL

Bapineuzumab ttAmyloidBeta

Basiliximab ttIL2R

Belatacept ttCD80 ttCD86

Belimumab ttBLyS

Bevacizumab ttVEGF

Brentuximab vedotin ttCD30

Briakinumab ttIL12 ttIL23

Canakinumab ttIL1beta

Catumaxomab ttEpCAM ttCD3 linkerAb

Certolizumab ttTNFalpha

Cetuximab ttEGFR

Daclizumab ttIL2R

Dalotuzumab ttIGF1R

Denosumab ttRANKL

Eculizumab ttFactorH

Efalizumab ttLFA1

Epratuzumab ttCD22

Etanercept ttTNFalpha

FactorIXFc ttFactorIX

FactorVIIIFc ttFactorVIII

Farletuzumab ttFolateRalpha

Figitumumab ttIGF1R

Galiximab ttCD80

Gemtuzumab ozogamicin ttCD33

Girentuximab ttCarbonicAnhydraseIX

Golimumab ttTNFalpha

Ibritumomab tiuxentan yttrium ttCD20

Infliximab ttTNFalpha

Inotuzumab ozogamicin ttCD22

Ipilimumab ttCTLA4

Mepolizumab ttIL5

Motavizumab ttRSVirus

MuromonabCD3 ttCD3

Naptumomab estafenatox tt5T4

Natalizumab ttIntegrinalpha4

Necitumumab ttEGFR

Nimotuzumab ttEGFR

Obinutuzumab ttCD20

Ocrelizumab ttCD20

Ofatumumab ttCD20

Omalizumab ttCD20

Otelixizumab ttCD3

Pagibaximab ttLipoteichoicAcidStaphlococcus

Palivizumab ttRSVirusFprotein

Panitumomab ttEGFR

Pertuzumab ttHER2

Ramucirumab ttVEGFR2

Ranibizumab ttVEGF

Raxibacumab ttAnthrax


Reslizumab ttIL5

Rilonacept ttIL1R

Rituximab ttCD20

Solanezumab ttAmyloidBeta

T1H ttCD6

Tanezumab ttNGF

Teplizumab ttCD3

Tocilizumab ttIL6

Tositumomab ttCD20

Trastuzumab emtansine ttHER2

Trastuzumab ttHER2

Tremelimumab ttCLTA4

Ustekinumab ttIL12 ttIL23

Vedolizumab ttIntegrina4b7

Zalutumumab ttEGFR

Zanulimumab ttCD4

Antibody-based therapeutics to watch in 2011.
[21051951] MAbs 3(1): 76-99 (2011)
Antibodies to watch in 2010.
[20065640] MAbs 2(1): 84-100 (2010)

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  • Bapineuzumab ttAmyloidBeta

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