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You can search for the abstract and pdf of a given citation by Journal-One-Letter X Volume X First Page with this ressource.
  • JCI 117 2302 will give Journal of Clinical Investigation 2007;117(8):2303-12.
  • You dont have to know the exact Medline abbreviations !!!!!
  • Take the first letter of each syllabus excluding "of, the, for and so on".
  • You need only the first 3 letters, so
  • PNA 108 18575 retrieves Proc-Natl-Acad-Sci-U-S-A 2011;108(46):18575-6
  • If your journal has a short title:
  • C 149 936 gets Cell 2012;149(4):936 amongst others.
  • The links given run searches on each Journal which is consitent with that abbreviation.
  • Click the appropriate link to open its Metadata.
  • pna 108 18575 works well and lower case letters are more efficiently typed in !!!